Company Type: 

  Limited liability company (Hong Kong, Macao    
  and Taiwan and domestic cooperation)

 Company Size:

 100-499 people

 Company Industry:

  Fast moving consumer goods      (food/beverage/tobacco/drinking/daily)

 Company Address:

  No.6335 Qingzhao Road, Qingpu District,      
  Shanghai, China

 Company Phone:

  +86 21 5921 4190(HR Dept.)

We value the spirit of full commitment and mutual respect, and strive to create a sense of unity, rich sense of belonging and professional teamwork among employees.

a spirit of unity, tolerance and cooperation
a feeling of integrity, mutual trust and respect
a strong sense of belonging and a willingness to share the rights and responsibilities
a culture that takes responsibility and ensures a clean, safe and zero-environmental environment
a way to encourage creativity and innovation
a enthusiasm that is willing to lead and establish a new direction of development and constantly re-discover
a passion for the highest quality, ultimate perfection and honest service
a commitment to work with common goals and growth directions